Please Help out OMM!

              Hi Everyone! So when starting this little mission last year I've taken on roles of many people, the producer, line producer, writer, director, field producer, DP, Fundraiser, host, etc etc. Many of these jobs and titles so to speak I've never done nor really know much about. As a line producer I under budgeted my first leg by quite a bit, so now I'm having to be vulnerable and ask you for help! Please donate today and help make OMM possible.

              I will be doing my first leg in all of Europe and hope after that I can attract buzz and media attention and have amazing footage to show networks and investors. Please spare 1,5,10, 25 dollars! :) Please check out my GOFUNDME page. I was majorly apprehensive about even making one of these but I was told they now do "creative pages" so I thought "why not?" Anyway, I hope you can help either on my "Get involved" page here or my gofundme and that you will share the word! :) Thanks in advance and I love you! XOXO

Katy JohnsonComment