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My Main goal here is not to seek financial rewards, but to showcase beauty in 196 women and beauty in all 196 countries. It is to spread awareness on women’s inequality, intolerance, and the negative effect unrealistic beauty standards can have on young women in this generation. It is also to discuss and understand true beauty on a much deeper level. I’m so inspired by so many women all over the globe, I hope you are as inspired as well and, perhaps are encouraged to help me with my mission to share so many women’s stories and to help me find a common theme of what “True Beauty” really is. Join me on this mission, a mission to explore so many untouched places and empower women in all areas. Please help me make this happen. In a time of tight funding for documentaries every single dollar counts and all donations are gratefully appreciated. Thanks for your time and consideration and your continued support!

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Ivory Status 1,000 + 

-Company Logo and Name on sponsors pages plus all social media links listed. 

-Company recognized in press opportunities.  

-Finished copy of docuseries, signed movie poster, Thank you in end credits of docuseries.  

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-A 1-2 min video promoting company or product.

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-Film festival/movie premiere screen vouchers 


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-Ivory and Bronze package +

-One Model Mission 200-page Coffee Table book 

-Name in the Visionary Donor list on website and end credits


Gold Status 15,000+

-All Tier packages +

- In association or Associate producer credit to a limited number or donors. 

-Multiple hand written post cards from all over the world delivered to your address from yours truly. 

-An update on the project, unseen footage, copies of expenditure reports, and use of One Model Mission for any marketing projects of your own. 


Platinum Status 25,000+ 

-All Tier packages +

-Executive producer credit for a limited number of sponsors

-A 1-2 min personal thank you video to yourself or your company for making “One Model Mission” possible. 

-A roundtrip ticket and boarding to any country of your choice to come Behind the Scenes to see “One Model Mission” shot and how the whole project unfolds as well as seeing what that specific country has to offer.